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Trusted Data Environment

Enable safe, secure collaboration

The Lynx.MD platform, powered by the Trusted Data Environment (TDE), allows data holders, such as health systems, to maintain control of their data. This enables the ability to safely and securely collaborate with researchers and developers without compromising security

or patient privacy.


The TDE allows organizations to bring together disparate datasets from all parts of their organization to obtain the data insights they need to optimize clinical, operational and financial performance. Furthermore, healthcare data contributors have the option to perform research internally or to securely share anonymized, de-identified data to participate in external research collaborations to improve patient care.

Data Collection

Structured and unstructured data is collected through the Lynx.MD Smart Ingestion Pipeline which ingests and maps data from different sources.

Medical Ontology & Mapping

Map and coorelate relationships between different data entities and sources within data properties

PHI Identification Privacy

Personal health information (PHI) is protected, identify data types, categorize and profile the data sources.

Natural Language Processing

Use NLP and computer vision for data retrieval and de-identifying PHI within unstrucuted data.

Data Governance & Privacy

Through the implementation of the Lynx.MD Privacy Firewall, data is de-identified in real-time, providing differential privacy and tokenization of the data. Data privacy practices are compliant with relevant federal and international regulations while organizations maintain full oversight, including: 

Data management 

Organizations control the level of data access; this includes process auditing and monitoring.  

Data governance

Organizational administration, management and control of all data asset exports. 

De-ID policy management

Establishes de-identification protocols, management control and monitoring

Compute governance

Organizations have the ability to manage and govern cloud billing and attribution management.

Secure Private Workspaces

Lynx.MD workspaces are where the data analysis is performed in the TDE. Approved and permissioned researchers and data scientists; both internal and external to the organization - can create study environments to further analyze the data, including: 


Embedded within the workspace is the ability to analyze data through customized dashboards and reporting tools.

Study environment

Within the Workspace, each study environment has a suite of tools including Jupyter Notebook, RStudio and Python.  


Collaborators are invited into the study environment without the data ever being downloaded/exported from the contributor’s organization.

Flexible compute

Users can control their compute environments; adding more compute capabilities directly from the interface. 

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