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Media Alert: Lynx.MD Leveraged for Study on Infliximab Optimization for IBD to be Presented at Crohn's & Colitis Congress

Study real-world outcomes of IBD infliximab patients with the Anser TDM Test: Presentation by Prometheus using the Lynx GI data library

January 17, 2024

Lynx.MD, a provider of a comprehensive medical data intelligence platform, is honored to support our partner, Andrew Shim, Medical Affairs, Prometheus Laboratories Inc, poster presentation at the upcoming Crohn's & Colitis Congress 2024 demonstrating the potential of therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) to positively impact patient outcomes with infliximab dose optimization.

Poster Session:  Comparing Real-World Outcomes... Using TDM vs. Unoptimized Control Group 

Presenter:  Dr. Andrew Shim, Prometheus Laboratories Inc., University of Minnesota

When:  Friday, January 26th, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Pacific

Venue:  Bellagio, Las Vegas

Key points of interest:

  • Large-scale study conducted in real-world community-based practices.

  • TDM-guided infliximab optimization linked to reduced rates of IBD-related surgery compared to standard dosing.

  • Findings add to growing evidence supporting personalized, TDM-driven treatment for improved outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

This study was made possible through a powerful collaboration between Prometheus Laboratories Inc. and Lynx.MD, a leading real-world medical data platform. Leveraging Lynx.MD's rich repository of de-identified clinical data within the Lynx.MD Trusted Data Environment, Prometheus researchers gained unparalleled access to real-world treatment patterns and outcomes in a diverse patient population. This unique partnership exemplifies the power of data-driven research in advancing personalized medicine and ultimately improving patient lives.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about this potentially transformative approach to IBD care at the Crohn's & Colitis Congress. Attend Dr. Shim's presentation to discover how data-driven insights can inform IBD treatments.

Additional Information:

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