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The Lynx.MD Platform

A secure environment for the healthcare ecosystem to collaborate

Lynx.MD is the medical intelligence platform that brings the healthcare ecosystem together to empower collaborative research and development at scale without compromising security or patient privacy. We’ve turned traditional data access control models upside down by making complex health data instantly available for innovation—from market opportunity assessments and AI model testing, training, and validation to outcomes research and deployment—within a secure dedicated cloud environment.

Organized and accessible

Lynx.MD instantly processes structured and unstructured data and provides self-service analytics and a data science workbench to enable researchers to train and validate models.

Access reinvented

Data providers are always in control of who has access to their data. Rather than take the data out of the system, users can work with and analyze anonymized data inside a secure space.

Deeper research

Diverse data sets are de-identified, organized and mapped via medical data understanding technology, allowing users to identify, explore and work with data in a secure environment. 


The Lynx.MD Privacy Firewall offers military-grade security and ensures all data is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. The platform performs on-the-fly, de-identification to enable users to work with real-world patient data including imaging, physician’s notes, device data, medical records, and labs while staying compliant.

Full data control

Data never leaves the healthcare partners’ secure infrastructure and private cloud environment.

Data security

Lynx.MD provides strong end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA), ensuring compliance for data providers and industry partners.

Preserves patient privacy

Lnyx.MD complies with the strictest organizational, national and international privacy regulations.

Continuous monitoring

Automated setup with continuous monitoring and management ensures data is secure and accessible from day one.

See how it works
Learn how the Lynx.MD platform enables data access and analysis, securely and at scale.
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