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Medtech & AI Development

Lynx.MD provides quick access to rich real-world data to accelerate AI application development

AI is rapidly changing the capabilities and impact of the MedTech industry to provide quicker access to solutions that improve healthcare operations and patient experience. Lynx.MD provides immediate access to essential real-world data to train accurate AI models and accelerate development.

Anonymized, diverse datasets

Lynx includes millions of unstructured and structured datasets—X-rays, physicians’ notes, prescriptions, hospital records and more—all available for research and development.

AI model development

Train, test and validate AI models using real-world datasets including natural language processing of clinical texts, computer vision models for medical imaging and even videos. 

Accelerate life-changing solutions

Access to secure, anonymized data enables medtech companies to accelerate the development of life-changing solutions through testing and validation of AI models. 

Why Lynx?

Lynx.MD’s secure data network, library, and medical intelligence platform provide MedTech companies with instant access to a diverse range of rich, real-world data while adhering to the strictest global privacy, security, and compliance regulations. This rich data repository provides insights to help AI developers and medical technology companies design and test the effectiveness of new solutions.

MedTech advantage

  • Access otherwise inaccessible real-world data

  • Examine market size and cost of standard treatments

  • Analyze how to price and position products post-approval

Security and privacy

  • Data is encrypted end-to-end and multi-factor-authentication (MFA) ensures compliance

  • Patient data is protected to GDPR and HIPAA standards

  • Privacy Firewall, de-identification methods and differential privacy enable the use of raw, original data to develop AI/ML models

Real-time analytics

  • Analyze and integrate live data feeds

  • Enable quick in-depth exploration, analysis, and modeling

  • Set up operational dashboards from an easy-to-use interface


  • Multiple users can work with the same data, on the same study

  • Easy sharing of results and code between teams and groups

  • Visualization of data and results for validation

Interested in learning more? Sign up for a demo of the platform.
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