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Life Sciences 

Lynx.MD transforms life science research with unparalleled access to rich, real-world data

Life science advancement depends on data to inform innovation. The Lynx.MD medical intelligence platform provides pharmaceutical and life sciences companies secure access to anonymized real-world patient data to accelerate the development of diagnostic and therapeutic solutions while ensuring compliance with GDPR and HIPAA regulations.

Research & development exploration

Rapid access to data for clinical trial design and fine tuning of selection of criteria and site selections.

Rich, diverse datasets

Access millions of previously inaccessible unstructured and structured datasets—X-rays, physicians’ notes, prescriptions, hospital records and more.

Market research

Build and model for comparative performance outcomes, HEOR and market segmentations.

Why Lynx?

The Lynx.MD medical intelligence platform unites the medical discovery ecosystem to scale healthcare innovation through secure access to real-world, anonymized patient data. Life science researchers and analysts gain access to patient records and longitudinal patient journey data to design clinical trials, test treatment effectiveness and drive decision-making. 

Biotech use cases

  • Access to real world data, patient journeys, outcomes and notes

  • Examine market size and cost of standard treatments

  • Analyze how to price and position products 

Pharma use cases

  • Design more cost-efficient clinical trials

  • Perform post-market validation of drugs

  • Investigate drug repurposing opportunities

Digital Health use cases

  • Access a wider breadth of medical knowledge

  • Monitor quality of care across the board

  • Facilitate and improve support and services

Payers use cases

  • Identify high-risk, high-cost patients

  • Support value-based contracting

  • Create a higher quality of service for patients

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