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Healthcare Partners

Unlock medical data to transform patient care

With Lynx.MD healthcare partners can unleash the power of their amassed clinical data to drive internal business optimization and meaningfully contribute to medtech and life sciences research.

Meaningful collaboration

Healthcare partners drive medicine forward by making secured, de-identified clinical data easily available to academia and research on the Lynx platform.

Develop partnerships

Streamline partnerships with medtech and life science companies to ensure products and solutions are developed based on real-world data.

Business optimization

Leverage your own data to analyze and benchmark organizational and clinical performance across the organization.

Why partner with Lynx?

For healthcare partners, the Lynx.MD platform and analytics tools can be used to investigate value-based care opportunities, clinical workflow optimization, decision support, operational optimization and revenue-cycle management.


The Lynx.MD medical intelligence platform allows healthcare providers to actively participate in industry-leading, real-world data sharing to advance medical research while adhering to the strictest privacy, security and global compliance regulations.

Rapid deployment

Deploy containers to the Lynx environment using our data infrastructure, streaming and de-identification technologies.

Federated learning

Combine similar datasets from different organizations and groups for diverse, comprehensive research and development.

Collaboration at scale

Analyze and integrate real-live data feeds and set up operational dashboards from an easy-to-use interface.

Enable multiple users to work with the same data, on the same study, and share results and code between teams and groups.

Real-time analytics

Interested in learning more? Request a demo of the platform.
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