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Revolutionize healthcare data access. Revolutionize medicine.

At Lynx.MD, our goal is to unlock the value of healthcare data to transform patient care. We envision a world where sensitive clinical data can be shared responsibly and efficiently. Revolutionizing data access will empower healthcare teams to revolutionize medicine.

People first

We support our people's professional and personal development. We pay special attention to nurturing and growing our capabilities as a team and as individuals.


Our top-tier investors and advisors include Amdocs, iAngels, Mizmaa, New York Life Ventures, Seed IL, Triventures, UpWest, and an advisory board of proven healthcare leaders.


Trusted by leading healthcare and medical institutions around the globe, with a data network of over 300 million patient records.


Our Story

Founded in 2019, Lynx.MD is building a new type of healthcare ecosystem to power collaborative research at scale. 

Lynx.MD unlocks complex, clinical data for healthcare transformation. With its secure data exchange, healthcare organizations can share medical data while preserving patient privacy and data security.


Healthcare organizations generate oceans of rich sensitive data, but this data is siloed and inaccessible.

Lynx.MD  enables healthcare providers to be catalysts for innovation. By making data available to academics and researchers, together they can accelerate the development of digital health solutions. Lynx.MD has onboarded hundreds of millions of patient records and helps hospitals, academic institutions and research organizations to transform therapies, protocols and, ultimately, patient care. The founding team are repeat entrepreneurs that come from the intersection of data science, cybersecurity and healthcare.

Meet our team


Revolutionize the medical data ecosystem with us

We are looking for talented, thoughtful individuals to join our growing team.

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Lynx.MD offers best-in-class benefits, dynamic career growth and remote work opportunities and the ability to learn from the most innovative healthcare organizations across the globe.

Check out our current job openings or apply now. 

Interested in learning more? Sign up for a demo of the platform.
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