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Translational Health Data Science Platform
Take artificial intelligence from the bench to the bedside

About us

Advancements in big data and artificial intelligence are enabling massive innovation and research, driven by the availability of large datasets. But in healthcare, data silos created by the lack of interoperability result in limited innovation.

We at Lynx.MD envision a world where the clinical data can be shared securely, enabling improved healthcare delivery and disruptive clinical research while keeping patient privacy.

The platform for data-driven medical application development

Test, train and deploy in the same environment, accessing large multi-modal datasets from disparate sources


Secure sandbox with access controls, security & compliance built-in


Explore datasets and evaluate models with in a privacy-preserving manner


Organizational private cloud environment with federated learning

Quick Deployment

Get value from day-1 without complex integrations or lengthy onboarding

Big Data

Extract value from multiple data sources including medical imaging, omics, and clinical notes

Data Governance

Control datasets with complete audit logs and role-based access permissions

Solution Highlights

Unlock the potential of medical data to transform patient care

Data Exploration    

Create a deidentified universe enabling exploratory data science projects, rapid modeling of machine learning solutions and in a collaborative research sandbox.

Employ data from multiple sourcing including medical records, imaging, genomics in combination with data from public sources. All in a compliant private cloud environment, keeping the data secure and in control.

AI Model Development

Utilize your data for improved patient care by building machine learning models in collaboration with internal and external innovators, privately or as part of a federated group of institutions.

Harness the full richness of healthcare data with exponential technologies such as computer vision, natural language understanding, AutoML and big data analytics.

Spark Innovation in Secure Sandbox

Lynx’s one-stop sandbox streamlines digital health application development to the point where the research, development and production deployment can all happen in the same place.

Drastically reduce the time it takes for new ideas to impact healthcare delivery by putting the right data infrastructure in place.

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